This season, we offer athletes several opportunities to Race2Rebuild, plus the Pick Your Own Race (PYOR) option and our Race2Rebuild series. Rebuilding projects will be funded by each race. Athletes will be connected to the families and later have the opportunity to rebuild their homes.


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  •  Race2Rebuild Gear and rewards from our sponsors as you meet these fundraising benchmarks

    • Tier 1: $500 minimum: XRCEL Nutrition Package, Champion System Race2Rebuild tri top or running singlet and a signature green Road ID bracelet.
    • Tier 2: $1000 minimum: All of the above plus extra-special prizes from blueseventy and TIMEX Sports.
  •  A complimentary training plan from Race2Rebuild Head Coach Jonathan Cane of City Coach Multisport or Coach and R2R Ambassador Team Captain Scott DeFilippis delivered via TrainingPeaks.
  • Special promotions from our program partners.
  • Cutting-edge fundraising tools from More Than Sport and Race2Rebuild.
  • Connection to our Race2Rebuild Ops Team, your personal contacts for one-on-one support.
  • Pre-race and race day meetups with the Race2Rebuild Ambassador Team.
  • The opportunity to volunteer to rebuild your sponsored family’s home.



    To read our FAQ (frequently asked questions) guide, click here.

    More questions? We’re happy to provide you with support and answer any questions about Race2Rebuild. Click here to email us and the Race2Rebuild team will contact you at 5K pace!